How to log into Windows 10 as Local Administrator as the first user on new PC?

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Either way, there is no reason you should feel there is an urgent need to upgrade. The oldest CPU you can run Windows 11 with is an 8th generation Intel processor, first launched in August 2017. AMD users require even newer hardware — the Zen 2, which hit the market in 2019, is the oldest AMD CPU compatible with Windows 11. If you are unsure, Microsoft’s PC Health Check App will check if your PC meets the minimum requirements for Windows 11. As a last resort, if you are still unable to upgrade to Windows 11 the official way despite meeting all your requirements, then you can enroll in the Windows Insider Program instead. This will allow you to get beta and dev updates for Windows 11 which should automatically help you get Windows 11 on your PC via the Settings app.

  • It is very troublesome to manually check these requirements one by one.
  • Under the Output tab, specify your Preferred Output File Settings.
  • This document describes how to capture an image of the screen in all versions of Windows.

Hopefully, Microsoft doesn’t make any more such moves to push its own services that will negatively impact the user-friendless of Windows. If your PC isn’t ready to make the switch to Windows 11, don’t feel like you need to—Windows 10 is still perfectly fine, and will be supported through 2025. That’s really all there is to it, for most of us. If your PC qualifies, upgrading to Windows 11 from Windows 10 should be free, so the only potential roadblock is your fear of change. Once the app is installed and open, you need to locate the Windows 11 banner at the top of the page and click Check Now. At the outset it seemed early adopters dealt with a nigh-endless list of Windows 11 problems, but Microsoft has been putting in work to address the weaknesses of Windows 11.

How to modify default mail client in Windows 10

An administrator account is a topmost account in Microsoft Windows with the highest privileges. This allows you as an administrator to manage your PC however, you want. You can make changes to system files, install elevated programs, modify your Windows installation, set up custom automation, and much more. The permission to do such tasks is unavailable to standard or guest users. Moreover, as an administrator, you can manage Windows features and dictate which ones are available and accessible to your users.

This is a built-in Windows feature that allows you to capture your screen in different shapes. To go to the Snipping Tool, click on the Start Menu and type ‘Snipping Tool’ in the search section. The application will appear with a variety of options at your disposal. → Then go to ‘New’ option and select full-screen snip. Now you have to open the pop-up or tooltip or so on within 5 seconds.

At about the same time I ordered the parts for my new desktop, I ordered a new Lenovo Legion 5 laptop to replace my very old Acer. I upgraded to Windows 11 as soon as it was offered to me in Windows Update. Windows 11 is working very well on my new laptop, and I like it.

Can your PC upgrade to Windows 11?

As with all things Microsoft since the beginning of time, it’s best to ignore new software until its Service Pack one comes out, and then evaluate if you need it. Yes, and the fact that it’s essentially a Win 10 feature update, we’d have to know where it falls in the sequence of feature updates ;-). A backup taken before upgrading will protect you but there’s still a chance of data loss of any work done under the not fully tested OS. It’s OK to upgrade to Windows 11 now, with the caveat that it has changes and a few issues that might not be for everyone. There’s Visit really no harm in upgrading, but there’s really no good reason to do so yet.

This will capture your entire Asus laptop screen and open the Windows Share toolbar so you can instantly share it with your friends via email, Facebook, Twitter, One Note, etc. The Screenshot on Asus Laptop with Windows + H ButtonIf you want to capture the whole screen for sharing purposes, you can use Windows Key + H keyboard shortcuts. If you want to capture a video of your screen—perhaps to show how an app works—use the Xbox app’s Game Recorder in Windows 10. The Xbox app is designed to record videos of games but can also take videos of most apps in Windows—though not your full desktop. It includes settings to tweak the video quality, length, audio capture, and more. → Go to ‘New’ option of snipping tool and click Full-screen Snip.

Just as an example, Unreal Engine 4 doesn’t care about any of these commands. Consider a one time contribution to support new daily content on this channel. (I found more alternatives, so #2 nor #3 are demonstrated in the video). Click the OK or Apply button to save your changes.. Going by the previous versions, it should be alt+enter. Actually if you go in game and minimize, share your desktop and open the game you’ll be able to see it.