How to update NVIDIA drivers Windows 10 and fix Nvidia installer failed

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Particularly worth mentioning is that you may install some unnecessary driver components when you install a driver. Nowadays, many majoy driver manufacturers offer bundled components with the driver installer. In this article, we offer 5 ways to help you successfully uninstall old, problematic and unnecessary drivers step by step.

rolling back

5) Then you will get a pop-up window like below. Then the driver will be restored to previously installed version. Don’t attempt to do this if you’re with one of those old systems. Make sure that you completely uninstall previous drivers before downloading new ones. You may need to update your AMD drivers to a newer version after you’ve used the older version for a while. AMD offers bug fixes and better security to newer driver versions.

Latest Support Threads

Some organization do not allow users to regulate what they install and how they can manipulate the system and application settings. You may need to contact your system admin for assistance with installing the driver in that situation. Follow the steps below to download and install an Nvidia driver. If not, look for the file (usually ending in .inf) in your downloads directory.

  • Bear in mind that, like Device Manager, Windows Update won’t always provide the most recent updates compared to our direct NVIDIA solutions.
  • As an example, I had problems w/latest NVIDIA driver so I DDU’d it in safe mode and ended up with a removal of an additional 1.5 GB of garbage from previous NVIDIA installations.
  • Developers were experiencing slow performance after upgrading the macOS.

If you want to uninstall all NVIDIA drivers, you can repeat steps 3 to remove them from your computer one by one. If you want to install a new GPU from another manufacturer or you just want to remove NVIDIA drivers from your Windows computer, you can do the job using Control Panel. Besides, you can also uninstall NVIDIA drivers by deleting the NVIDIA folder or deleting the NVIDIA registry keys. @InfiniteLoops, that must be caused by you installing the drivers from repository.

NVIDIA Driver Installation

Both CUDA and OptiX will work out of the box without any added steps. The process might be a bit cumbersome, but it is definitely rewarding, as afterwards you can then enjoy your new GPU’s full performance capabilities for several years to come. On this same page, you will find extensive AMD & Nvidia support threads, as well as instructions on how to properly utilize the application. You can also find the particular driver you’d like to uninstall by navigating to the “Apps & Features” window in your Control Panel. Graphics drivers of the same brand will hardly conflict with each other, as the driver package is similar; whereas only an update may be needed.

If it still doesn’t function properly, check out the next method below. To update Lenovo laptops or other products, you need to visit the Lenovo Driver support page. Locate the latest driver and click on download and then install it. You then need to manually type in your printers model and product name in the highlighted area.

Hit the Download button and install it on your Driver PC for optimal NVIDIA graphics performance. You can learn more about the update in the below “Release Highlight” section. Perform a driver search manually by entering all the details asked about the NVIDIA driver installed on your PC. In case you do not find the drivers for your NVIDIA graphic card, you can head over here, which displays drivers for every graphic card.